Bachelor thesis topic: How to find the perfect one!

How do you know if you have found a good topic? And how do you get from the general to the specific question? With our 7 steps it works!

The bachelor thesis topic should interest you most in order to make an effective progress in writing and to overcome motivation problems. The more precisely you define the topic of your Bachelor thesis, the easier the writing process and the easier the search for a literature. In the bachelor thesis topic finding, it is also important, your strengths and any previous knowledge and practical experience, such. To consider internships. Newspapers, seminars and other bachelor theses can help you finding a topic. There is also the opportunity to write your bachelor thesis in a company. How to develop step by step a suitable bachelor thesis topic including central problem definition and first rough concept, you will find out in this article.

Bachelor Thesis: Define topic

In order to find a suitable bachelor thesis topic, you do not need to invent something completely new and cover as large a topic as possible. Rather, it is important that you define a specific topic for your bachelor thesis and develop a manageable problem for it. Higher education events and initial practical experience during your studies can serve as a source of inspiration for your Bachelor thesis topic. If you encounter particularly exciting aspects within a subject area, you should check the respective state of research. So you quickly notice where possibly lurk open and interesting problems.

Take into account interests and strengths

The first question for finding a topic for your bachelor thesis should always be: Which topics are of particular interest to you? One thing is certain: If you can personally inspire yourself for the bachelor thesis topic, it will be much easier for you to write your thesis about it!

Also helpful are previous knowledge and practical experience regarding your area of ​​interest. When looking for topics for your bachelor thesis, you should always consider which courses you have already visited in your favorite area and which practical experience you may have gained. Are you studying z. For example, if you are a tourism student and you have already worked as a student trainee at a tour operator, it makes sense to incorporate these practical experiences into your search for potential topics for the bachelor thesis.

Anyone who is already familiar with his or her area of ​​expertise can also assess the source material of the existing literature much better for the topic of his bachelor thesis. Perhaps you already know with which urgent questions the research in this subject area deals and in which scientific journals exciting essays have appeared. Also, creating a first concept and a central question for your bachelor thesis will be much easier if you are already familiar with your topic area.

Also helpful to find a suitable topic for the bachelor thesis, is the consideration of which bachelor thesis topic could possibly be the start of your future dream job. Thus, the title of your bachelor thesis can be the decisive criterion for invitations to a personal job interview.

Is there existing literature on the subject of the bachelor thesis?

Especially in terms of literature search you will be grateful if you have chosen a clearly defined topic for your bachelor thesis. If you work on a particularly large topic and try to gain the broadest possible overview, you will inevitably be stumbling because of the numerous background topics and the rich literature. For a manageable Bachelor thesis topic, this problem does not arise at all. In addition, you will find it easier to create the bibliography of the bachelor thesis. However, it is important to check carefully whether the source material is really sufficient to implement your Bachelor thesis topic.

Important: An early discussion with a professor from your department helps you to classify first topics for your bachelor thesis and to determine if they are feasible at all!