Bachelor Thesis: find examples of topics

In order to find an exciting topic for your bachelor thesis, you should read carefully graded bachelor theses – preferably from your department and, if available, to your favorite topic. Bachelor theses as topic examples are available in the library, at the chairs of your university and on the internet.

Inspire yourself with 10,000 other bachelor theses

Instead of laboriously digging through dusty graduation theses in the library, just have a look at GRIN! There are more than 10,000 final papers from different subject areas as eBooks. The works are classified according to topic areas. If you come across an interesting topic, you will easily come across a related topic. Incidentally, there are also listed directly the tables of contents, so you have an immediate impression, which will include about your work.

For more exciting topics for your Bachelor thesis you can z. But you can also come across when you carefully read through the current daily newspapers and specialist magazines in your area of ​​interest and specifically attend lectures and seminars on your main topic. You can also work as a source of inspiration for the title of your bachelor thesis.

Subject for external bachelor thesis in the company

Many companies write their own topics for Bachelor theses. The advantages for you: The topic is absolutely practical and you can access the resources of the company, which you need for the bachelor thesis. In addition, it is a win-win situation for both, because the company also benefits from your research results. Mostly the bachelor thesis phase is remunerated, you can already make valuable contacts in the company, and your bachelor thesis topic can possibly serve you as a springboard to a permanent position in your dream company.

The disadvantages: In the case of an external Bachelor thesis, potential topics for Bachelor theses are usually fixed by the company, while you have a free choice of topics at the university. Although unsolicited applications with their own bachelor thesis topic are also possible in principle for companies. In general, you need but for much more lead time. Anyone who writes his bachelor thesis topic in an external company often has to struggle with the problem of finding a good balance between the scientific requirements and the company’s specifications. Those who write their bachelor thesis externally should in any case insist at an early stage on written agreements regarding the content of the bachelor thesis and on close agreements between the university and the company.

Our tip: Have a look at our job board. Here you will find a lot of currently advertised topics for your Bachelor thesis. To do this, you only have to set the filter to “Bachelor- / Master- / Diploma-Thesis” under “Employment Type”.